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Investment Programs

Wellesley Investment Advisors accomplishes its convertible bond strategy through the investment vehicles listed below. Selection depends on the client’s risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and account size. Clients may be invested in one or more of these investment vehicles.

Separately Managed Accounts
At Wellesley Investment Advisors, our clients and their financial objectives are our primary concerns. Our separately managed accounts are individually managed based on each client’s unique goals, needs, and risk tolerance, and positions are reviewed on a regular basis.

Mutual Funds
Wellesley Investment Advisors is manager of three mutual funds. We believe that including one or more of these funds as part of your portfolio is an important and beneficial component of the services we provide for you and doing so can offer you greater liquidity, flexibility, and diversification. To find out more about the funds, please read the fund documents and shareholder reports or contact one of our advisors. 

Private Partnership
Wellesley Investment Advisors offers a private partnership investment opportunity to accredited and qualified investors. For more information about this opportunity, please contact your advisor.