Our Commitment

We put the interest of each and every client first

The team of professionals at Wellesley Asset Management (WAM) shares a collective commitment to our clients, and that is—we put the interest of each and every client first. We recognize that behind every dollar in a portfolio, there is a person or family with a specific plan and purpose for that investment. We honor that plan as we work with you toward your financial goals.

Our Goals

Aiming to maximize returns and seeking to protect principal

Wellesley Asset Management is an SEC registered investment advisory firm serving individuals, families, trusts, retirement plans, and other investment professionals. Founded in 1991 by Greg Miller, CPA, we are guided by a methodology that involves melding two seemingly contradictory goals. Our Convertible Bond Strategy aims to protect principal and also seeks to take advantage of market increases.

How We Work

In your best interest

As a registered investment advisor, we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest at all times. All accounts stay in your name and are held by an independent custodian.

As a client, you can expect unbiased, independent advice, periodic reviews, ongoing monitoring and high-level service from professionals who know you and your goals. We work with you and with the appropriate investments to help accomplish your financial objectives.

Personalized Portfolio Structure

At WAM, we are able to build customized managed accounts. This allows us, as the advisor, to tailor a portfolio to accurately reflect each client’s risk tolerance.

Why Should I Be Interested?

Predictability in times of uncertainty

Given their unique blend of equity and bond characteristics, convertible bonds have been a popular asset class among sophisticated investors seeking improved risk-adjusted returns. Combining equity and bond characteristics, convertible bonds are hybrid securities that provide investors with many of the attributes they seek in investments: return of capital, current income, decreased volatility, and the potential for upside appreciation.

Market Insights