Providing Investment Advice Since 1991

Wellesley Asset Management, Inc. is an independent, registered investment advisory firm dedicated to help you navigate market volatility. Utilizing convertible bonds, Wellesley offers many different types of investors a non-traditional approach to achieving return while seeking to mitigate risk.

Founded in 1991 by Greg Miller, the firm currently manages about $2 billion in assets, and has approximately 30 employees. Wellesley serves many different clients ranging from individuals and families, to working in partnership with other advisors.

Greg started the firm after he had sold an unrelated business, producing the proverbial “nest egg.” Greg was most interested in growing his portfolio, while avoiding a long-running family curse of losing small fortunes. Early on, he discovered convertible bonds, and realized how they could be used to accomplish the goals of investment performance with protection. He developed a strategy, using convertible bonds, that has been refined over time and has evolved into a highly differentiated, disciplined and repeatable process, one that has been in action on behalf of clients for over 25 years.

In 2008, Michael Miller joined the firm, bringing business continuity, and his own experience from working at a national firm. Also in 2008, the firm launched the first of three proprietary mutual funds, designed to help clients gain access to a wide variety of convertible bonds, using differing strategies.

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